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About Start That Thing

Start That Thing began as a response to all of the inquiries our marketing agency receives from (very) small businesses and solo'preneur startups. We end up turning the majority of them away because they don't have the budget for traditional agency services and representation. Nor, do most of them need the level of quality and depth of service we provide. Most of them are struggling to get their idea off the ground and just need "cheap" and "good enough".

Instead of shutting the door on these potential customers, we decided to find a way to give them the basic tools they need to get their business started, at a decent quality and an affordable price. Long-term, we'd love it if our customers are successful and "graduate" to our parent agency's client list. 


Affordable Websites
Built by Agency Pros




Made in the U.S.A.

Get that idea out of your head
and into reality.

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